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tv   Nightline  ABC  May 7, 2013 12:35am-1:06am PDT

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it's my turn to stand out in the crowd they can't stop me now ♪ ♪ the tide is turning i'm gonna make you proud i'm gonna make you proud i'm gonna make you proud ♪ ♪ oh, yeah. >> jimmy: i want to thank edie falco. i want to apologize to matt damon. his album "time" is out now. playing us off the air with "brighton beach," once again, rod stewart, good night. ♪
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♪ i remember when you were only seventeen you were the finest girl that my eyes had ever seen ♪ ♪ i guess you found it hard to simply just ignore this scruffy beat-up ♪ ♪ working-class teenage troubadour ♪ ♪ so we fell in love and i toured your heart with my out of tune guitar ♪ ♪ you were wonderful you were mystical and the envy of all of my friends ♪
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tonight on "nightline." >> rescued. >> i've been kidnapped and been missing for ten years. >> over a decade after they disappeared in three separate missing person mysteries, three young women are found alive together, imprisoned in a cleveland home. there are three brothers now in custody and three families overjoyed at the thought of a reunion. dirty money inside the alleged $300 million slot machine scam that might make you think twice before giving to charity. and queen b. with a sold-out tour, super sponsorships, a hit documentary
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and motherhood, beyonce is allowed to talk about a controversial trip to cuba and what shocks her most about living in the
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from new york city, this is "nightline" with bill weir. >> thanks for being with us for an amazing story. if they wrote this into a cop show plot you would roll your eyes and scoff. three missing women gone since they were girls found alive together a decade later in the same cleveland house. three brothers in their 50s taken as suspects. we can't imagine what these women went through, can't imagine the pain the families have endured through the candlelight vigils, the false leads, the searches involving jackhammers and cadaver dogs. but maybe tonight we can share in their surreal joy. tonight is one for the believers. the posters have been part of cleveland's landscape for a decade.
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the weathered or tattered ones replaced again and again by families who refused to give up, who refused to stop praying for a moment like this. >> help me. i'm amanda berry. >> do you need police, fire or ambulance? >> i need police. >> okay, what's going on there? >> i've been kidnapped and i've been missing for ten years. i'm here and i'm free now. >> that is the voice of amanda berry calling 911 tonight. the last time anyone in her family heard that voice she was a day shy of turning 17. called her sister to say she was catching a ride home from her job at burger king. then she vanished. >> that was the last i heard from her. >> reporter: tonight she is 27 years old and free thanks in part to police, who got an ovation on this cleveland street. and thanks in large part to a passing neighbor named charles ramsey who had the compassion to respond to her cries for help. >> and i look and i see this girl and she is just going nuts
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on the door i'm like what is your problem are you stuck? just open the door. she says, i can't, he got it locked. how he has it, enough to reach the hand out to grab the mail and close the door. naturally going to pry it open. that didn't work. we had to kick open the bottom. lucky on that door, it was aluminum, it was cheap. she climbed out with her daughter. she went to my house, we called 911. >> reporter: that's right. he said amanda escaped with her daughter. a report that brings back chilling medical reese of jaycee dugard, who gave birth too two daughters while being held by her kidnappers for over 18 years. >> when these girls were abducted they went into this environment with a person or persons and probably were held against their will for a period of time. but then that world becomes their reality. >> reporter: aside from her little girl, amanda berry had others in the house to worry about tonight. >> five minutes after the police
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got here, the girl amanda told the police, i ain't the only one, it's some more girls up in that house. they go up in there and when they came out it was astonishing. >> for these officers that have been working she's cases for all these years, it was just amazing to see the -- to see the emotion on these seasoned law enforcement officers when they went in there and saw amanda and gina and michelle. >> reporter: inside home they found gina dejesus who went missing from this very neighborhood nine years ago, walking home from a middle school a few blocks from where amanda disappeared. tonight, that little girl on is 23 years old. and they also found michele knight who went missing in 2000. but since she was 20 at the time didn't get as much attention as the younger girls.
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but all three are getting much loving attention at metrohealth medical center. >> currently, they're safe. we're in the process of evaluating their medical needs. they appear to be in fair condition at the moment. >> we love you, amanda. whoo! >> we love gina! >> how happy is it for you to have three people survive? >> this is really good. this isn't the ending we usually hear to these stories. we're very happy, very happy for them. >> reporter: now attention turns to the person or persons who could have held prisoners like this for so long. police will only say they have three hispanic men in custody ages 50 to 54. but our sources tell us they are brothers. the middle brother's name, ariel castro. according to his neighbor, he lived a life far above suspicion.
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>> we see this dude every day. i mean, every day. >> how long you lived here? >> i been here a year. see where i'm coming from? i barbecue with this dude and we eat ribs and listen to salsa music. >> you had no indication there was anything wrong? >> and not a clue that girl was in that house or anybody else was in there against their will because how he is he just comes out to his backyard and plays with the dogs and kicking with his cars and motorcycles and goes back in the house. so he's somebody you look and you look away, he's not doing nothing, the average stuff. know what i'm saying? nothing exciting about him. until today. >> what an amazing account for an amazing character. we'll hear more about certainly. but we will turn to a man who knows what it is like to lose a child and wait for that child. john walsh, long-time host of "america's most wanted," joins us from our bureau in washington. any night they solve three missing persons cases and go home with smiles is an amazing night. what was your reaction?
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when you heard? >> incredible. what a great night. three women are back alive. and a little girl that may have been a creation of the kidnapper and the abductor. i wanted to do cartwheels. i know what it's like not to know where your child is. i went through that horrible pain. and i still think it's wonderful that i at least found parts of adam. but what a night. i could do cartwheels. it's an incredible wonderful thing. >> i know you want to sing praises of charles ramsey who is already the darling of the internet with the most colorful sound bites of this whole story so far. but this guy saved three lives. >> i saw it firsthand, the 25 years i've been doing "america's most wanted." the public wants to help, they don't know how to help. they have the guts to help me catch 1,200 wad guys and recover 60 missing children. here is charles ramsey walking home, as he said so succinctly,
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i'm a black guy, i saw a white woman crying for help, i went to help her and broke her out. amanda berry, saved her life and two other women's lives and their child. and charles ramsey is the guy that broke him out of that house of horrors. if i ever meet him i'm going to give him the biggest hug. >> it would have been easy to keep his head down and go home but he didn't. and let me ask you as an investigator, what would you be looking for in terms of the suspect in this case? his methods and motives? >> certainly everybody thinks it's the pervert under the bridge with the trench coat. i've done so many of these cases where it's just the guy next door. it's just the guy that seems like he's okay. what amazed me is how he could keep three grown woman and a child in that house without at some point in ten years one of them being able to contact somebody. but sources say his two brothers have been arrested. we all wondered if he had help. how do you keep three grown women and a child in a house in a neighborhood where they are
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never seen. this would make a lot of sense, if he had help and his two brothers helped him run this house of horrors and keep these three women and that child there ten years. i hope they burn in hell. >> it's something we will be following in coming days. as we said at the top, it's one for the hopeful tonight. it's great to have a moment of victory after years of tragedy talking about other stories that don't go so well. john walsh, thank you. >> thank you, bill. coming up next, an alleged slot machine scam that took in more than $300 million. what does it have to do with internet cafes and war veterans? not bad. this tree has deep roots, strong limbs... things are perched and not pinned. nicely done. the boys love it. they are up there day and night. well that might be because you overlooked one thing... what? it looks into your neighbor's window. ohhh boy.
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slot machines are not usually associated with charitable contributions. the clue is in the one-armed bandit nickname. but tonight we explore an alleged gambling scam that may remind you to think twice about choosing a charity. it involves slots and u.s. veterans and piles of money. tonight's abc matt gutman wades into a group of alleged do-gooders gone bad. >> reporter: you don't usually associate gambling with a charity. >> allied veterans of the world, inc. >> reporter: but the awfully named allied veterans of the world seemed to do just that. it was a tax exempt non-profit created for vets in need. >> helping veterans and seniors in need get health services. >> reporter: the charity is
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accused of housing illegal gambling stations in storefront internet cafes like this one. by using alleged virtual slot machines and other games, the company raked in $300 million over six years. the shining beacon of their cause was the allied veterans center. gwen and susie loving had come out of retirement to go into the business of helping veterans. it is home to 28 vets like brett who suffered traumatic brain injuries in iraq. >> i ended up on the streets, paying out what little money i had for hotel room night by night until i came here. >> reporter: funded by money from allied veterans of the world the center opened a year ago. but it was only last month when the lovings say they received disturbing news. >> got hit in the back of the head. >> reporter: they say the money will run out bit end of the month because authorities claim this home for vets was built on a house of cards.
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>> and in fact, they used you. because people were sick. >> it's okay. >> they were. >> reporter: here's how it worked. allied veterans operated internet cafes which were allegedly doubling as gambling centers with illegal slot machines. prosecutors say the nonprofit laundered the proceeds through for-profit companies and sent kickbacks to the top four officers of the company. the co-conspirators exploited veterans to line their own pockets with illicit proceeds. >> reporter: in one of the biggest gambling raids in the country's history, federal, state and local agencies arrested 57 people connected to allied veterans of the world. and they raided three safety deposit boxes and seized more than $500,000 in cash from various officers of the company. "nightline" sat down exclusively with the alleged mastermind. jacksonville lawyer kelly mathis. you're saying you had no responsibility for any of the actions of your clients? >> i'm saying i'm innocent of
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all of the charges they've levied against me. i acted as a lawyer representing these clients and representing their interests just as i represent the interest of all my clients. >> reporter: mathis admits spending months digging up the loophole that allowed the company and dozens of its affiliates to illegally operate the alleged gambling parlors in five states. but the second part of your work for them as legal down is to tell them the minimum amount was they could pay, or get away with paying virtually nothing -- >> no, the second part of my work was to give them a legal opinion, does the law set a minimum? and it doesn't. >> reporter: apparently with the help of that loophole the company made $300 million as a nonprofit. and gave less than 2% to charity, according to authorities. allied veterans of the world says that its machines were lawful sweepstakes games not slot machines. their machines, they say, had
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been approved to operate by proper state authorities. the company says it gave away millions to veterans and other organizations. but investigators insist that largess was just a fraction of the nonprofit's income. at the time allied veterans of the world seemed legitimate. it even had a future lieutenant governor of florida, jennifer carroll, acting as its paid pitch woman. >> as a veteran who served during the gulf war i know how hard it is for service members to be apart from their families. >> reporter: amidst the controversy, she stepped down as lieutenant governor but denied any complicity in the alleged scheme. in a statement to abc news, she claims that the company duped her into believing it was legitimate and had no knowledge of their internal or financial operations. >> does anybody bear any responsibility except the government and the police? >> what you're missing, matt, i don't know how much money allied veterans put into establishing that center.
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i've been told it's well over a million dollars that they put. if they had not engaged in this activity, that wouldn't exist at all. >> reporter: the concern among veterans groups is the allied veteran arrests will drive donors away from vehicle mat veterans charities like the lovings'. >> what do you do with 28 lives? we believe that these people deserve a chance. >> reporter: the victims of a losing bet. for "nightline" i'm matt gutman, miami. >> our thanks to matt. coming up next, girls run the world, she says, and she should know. beyonce opens up about her family, her controversial trip to cuba and what still shocks her about fame.
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judging from the billboards and the magazine covers and blinking screens, this is beyonce's world and we are renting quarters. the dorm destiny's child front woman turns stayed i don't packing solo act has managed to rise to the highest heights of fame and start a family, oh, and sit down with abc's amy robach. ♪ >> reporter: she is the queen of pop anthems and electrifying moves. but this queen doesn't just rule the world of music. the mommy mogul is the $50 million face of pepsi. >> embrace your past but live for now. >> reporter: and now the starlet
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of fashion empire h&m. but the busy star took a break last month, traveling to cuba with husband jay-z, igniting a firestorm from lawmakers. what did you make of all the controversy? >> it was quite shocking. it was such a beautiful trip. i met some incredible children. i visited incredible entrepreneurs. i learned so much about so many people in the country. >> reporter: queen b's latest project, lending her voice to queen tara in the new movie "epic." it's a story about a teenage girl transported to a secret world, battling evil to save the planet. >> it's such a beautiful role and it has so much depth, so emotion. i was literally crying when i did the voice-over. it was the first thing i did after giving birth. there is a scene where i pick the pod, and literally there were tears falling down my -- i
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imagined seeing her for the first time. it was really emotional. and a perfect first job for me. ♪ told you how you hurt me baby ♪ >> reporter: just off the heels of "life is but a dream" beyonce wants the world to see and know her as a normal mom. >> at the end of the day you're the same exact person. i still like the simple things. i have all my press-on nails right now. but i just feel like, you know, at the end of the day my goals and my dreams are the same and i just want happiness and i want great friends and great family. >> reporter: a family that she tells us will keep growing. >> i would like more children. i think my daughter needs some company. i definitely love being a big sister. and at some point, when it's supposed to happen. >> for "nightline" i'm amy robach in london.


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